Help Prevent Separation Anxiety With The Right Dog Boarding Facility

19 July 2017
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If you are going to be out of town for a few days, you may be tempted to leave your dog home and just hire the services of someone who will be willing to come in and feed and walk your pet a couple times of day. Unfortunately, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety this may be a huge mistake. If left uncrated, you could come home to a huge mess, or worse yet an injured pet. You may be able to help your pet get through the time apart by dog boarding them with the right boarding facility.

Look For A Boarding Facility With Activities

Your pet is less likely to suffer from separation anxiety if they are engaged in a mini-vacation of their own. Being active will reduce the amount of time they spend thinking about you not being present. Unfortunately, not all boarding facilities are the same. While your pet may spend excessive amounts of time alone at one facility, another may offer a wide range of activities. Some of these may include:

  • Group Play
  • Individual Play
  • Spa Services
  • Grooming Services
  • Cuddle Time
  • One-on-one walks and more

While some of these may be additional fee based activities, it can be worth the additional expense to ensure that your pet is having a good time while you are gone. A reduction in their anxiety can lead to a smoother transition back home when you return.

Look For A Smaller Or In-Home Facility

Ask your boarding facility about the ratio of pets they have to staff. Typically those with lower ratios will have more time to spend individual time with your pet. Ask each place you consider for a sample of their daily itinerary. Make sure that there is ample socialization and exercise.

Pack Your Pet For Success

When you pack your pet to go to the boarding facility, make sure you include many of their own belongings so that they can have the sights and smells that they are familiar with. Make sure you include an old t-shirt, pillowcase, or some other piece that smells like you. Make sure you check with the boarding facility before you pack their bag to find out what they will and will not allow. Some will limit the items you can bring due to limited storage space they have.

Control Your Own Anxiety

Minimize the experience by reducing your anxiety. If you are anxious your pet will be too. Once you choose, know that you have made the right decision, and go into it with a feeling of excitement and expectancy.