Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Dog Spayed

27 December 2017
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Getting your dog spayed is one of the best decisions you can make for your pet. Dogs that are spayed tend to live longer and healthier lives. If you have made the decision to spay your pet, then you will need to prepare yourself and your pet for the procedure. Here are some tips to make the process easier on you and your dog.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

There will be an evaluation done to see if any previous health conditions will affect the procedure. Your pet is likely to undergo a blood test and a physical examination before the procedure is done. If all checks prove that your dog is healthy, then you will be given a pre-surgery checklist. Go over the checklist thoroughly and make sure you follow the pre-surgery steps in detail. Pay particular attention to when you should stop feeding your pet and how much water you are allowed to give them before the surgery. It is usually better for your dog to have as empty a bowel and bladder as possible before surgery to avoid complications.

Take Some Time Off

If you are a working pet owner, preferably you should take the day off to support your dog. Your dog will not just require a lot of your attention before surgery; they will also require it after surgery. Your dog will be coping with incisions and head cones to prevent licking of the incisions. All of this will be unfamiliar to your pet, and having you around to soothe and comfort them will make the healing process begin more smoothly.

After Care

Once the surgery is completed, you will need to be vigilant in checking the incision. If it is red or swollen or looks abnormal in any way, then you should contact your the spay and neuter clinic immediately. Watch your dog carefully and observe their behavior. If your dog is vomiting and lethargic after the procedure, this is normal and is usually the result of anesthesia. However, if vomiting and lethargy continues for more than 36 hours and is accompanied by an unwillingness to eat or drink, then you need to consult your vet immediately.

Spaying your dog is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure that your dog has a healthy and long life. However, it is best to make sure that you prepare your dog and yourself as much as possible to cope with the requirements and possible side effects of the procedure.