Become A Volunteer At A Veterinary Hospital

20 July 2017
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Veterinary hospitals are multi-functioning organizations that care for and rehabilitate many different animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets, parrots, rabbits, rodents, and a ton of other farm and ranch animals are often cared for at a busy veterinary hospital. Care for all of these animals takes a large team of dedicated workers. To give their patients good care, veterinary hospitals often use the services of skilled and unskilled volunteers. Here are a few of the ways that you can volunteer at a busy animal hospital:

Animal Walker:  Animals that are being rehabilitated after surgery or other veterinary procedures can benefit from being walked and socialized with other animals and humans. An animal walker can provide exercise and social interaction for veterinary patients and also teach them to know and accept the companionship of humans. To walk the dogs, cats, and farm animals in an animal hospital, you should be in good physical condition and enjoy walking more than one or two animals together.

Kennel Assistant:  A kennel assistant can help the veterinary staff with the cleaning and maintenance of individual animal cages and enclosures and various other tasks. As a kennel assistant, you can also help with the preparation of meals for animals, assist the vet techs with bathing and grooming, and the regular cleaning of animal beds and blankets.

Skilled Carpenter:  To provide rehabilitative care for animals, veterinary hospitals have indoor exercise rooms and agility courses where animals can run and play and socialize with other animals. These exercise rooms and agility courses have wood structures where animals can climb and explore, as well as elevated walkways, tunnels, see-saws, and jumping hurdles. These agility courses can be used by many animals and many times need repair. If you are a skilled carpenter, you can volunteer to repair and maintain these structures when needed.

Garden and Grounds Volunteer:  Many veterinary hospitals have extensive outdoor play areas where hospital animals receive exercise and rehabilitation. These outdoor areas may need to be cleaned and maintained between visits by a scheduled facilities gardener. Outdoor chores can include lawn care and weeding, leaf removal, trail grooming, and other tasks. If you are good with gardening, you can volunteer to do this work.   

Volunteer Training:  Veterinary doctors and technicians depend on the knowledge and dedication of their volunteers to give their animals great care. In order to get qualified volunteers, an animal hospital will regularly offer orientation and training classes. When you take these classes as a potential volunteer, you can get first-hand knowledge of the work that is needed and you can learn to become a valuable volunteer.

If you love animals and would like to volunteer at a local animal hospital, make an appointment to discuss your skills and capabilities with a veterinary hospital staff member. With proper training, you can be of service to a busy veterinary hospital and know that your work will benefit the animals and make a difference in their care. 

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